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Halloween Photo Challenge 2014



It’s time for my 3rd annual Halloween Photo Challenge! I can’t believe this will be my third year doing it. It’s grown stronger every year!

What is the challenge?: 

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What better way to celebrate Halloween then a 31 day ART CHALLENGE?

RULES: Art submissions can be most anything (stories, drawings, crafts, etc) as long as they pertain to one of the days words. See how creatively you can incorporate the words for each day!

Feel free to submit your writing/art to the Challenge’s main blog, spoopyartchallenge. It’s a great way to meet other artists and give your creations some exposure! Signal boosts always help!!

Five more days till the challenge starts. Are you ready?



Think I’ll start off my new ability to play with this beautiful challenge :3

I’m going to do some of these for the sims 

Rian and Nyla Anthony 

The babies are 8 months , I’ll try not to skip time again for awhile 

I hate doing nurseries lol 

but the twin’s room 

Sometimes anon just needs to be turned off 

I feel like taking lots of pictures of their twins, soo you guys might be seeing a little spam 








I want to see who is participating in Simblreen this year! If you are, or plan to, reblog this and say your participating :D

I will be making stuff for Sims 4 !

I will be making stuff for Sims 4, as well :-)

I’ll try too buh this should be fun!

Planning gifts for 2, 3, and 4!<3

Definitely for 3! I’ve already got some gifts lined up

Making gifts for Sims 3!

I’m writing up a couple stories actually! Because I’m no good at anything else uwu

I got a couple ideas for gifts..I need to start working on that 

Some of their apartment ..still needs work 

Lazy Sundays 

Side note..I jumped ahead a bit and made Bri Pregnant with twins , I hate to keep skipping like this but I got a bunch of family/baby stuff I want to try out 

Brianna + Malik 

my babies all grown up 


The dash is dead, you guys know the drill.

I was so close to just starting over with a new family  but I can’t let them go . They look so different to me  I need to fix them up a bit more 

I think I’m going to age them all up soon 

and excuse the plainness , I need to download more cc