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Awwwwww, I need what my bookie-pooh needs……..

lmaooo that gif tho 

I’m so not feeling the vibe I get when ever I get on here lately 

hello, I saw some cute little animal pants for babies and wanted to make some for the sims . I decided to put them up since I probably won’t be using them for myself 

Credit to Dot to Dot 

and lillka

There for both boys and girls and are recolorable (except for the stencil) 

don’t worry I have better gifts coming soon 


I loveee you guys thank you<3 (ik i’m all late) 

but lets see.. I  love all the porters But I’m going to go with Kendrick since it all started with him

okay ..

#1. His full name is Kendrick Christian Porter 

#2.  Basketball has always been his biggest hobby , he dreamed of going to the NBA but things just didn’t work out for him 

3. He’s kind of shy and tends to keep to himself  when he’s around strangers. 

4.) His first love was a girl name Rene (Khalil and Amari’s real mother) 

5.) He loves to eat  …a lot   ..even tho he’s skinny as hell 

A lot of gifts coming..Mainly  for toddlers  but I am making stuff for other age groups 

going to try to have them all up by sunday 

I’m putting up one minor one today though 

and maybe the 2 hairs I converted for kids  if I can get some 1 to test them really fast 

Randoms of the fam 

Kha & Des

Since I couldn’t do Khalil and Desiree’s wedding the way I wanted to I decided to go a head and fast forward a bit. 

I aged the boys up and added 1 last addition to the family..Brianna :) 


Our First Sim Capet Male Model Is Amari Porter By sincerelyasimblr!

Can you guys do me a favor and check them out <3 

Khalil and Taye ( dothesimthing ) won their first game 

I was trying to redo their neighborhood but just ended up taking pictures of them instead …ehh lol  

Gonna  queue up some more pictures for later Goodnight


I feel like my sims and houses etc have become so much better because of the help/inspiration I’ve found on here..

so thank you lost-in-simblrbrooke, summerofsims, theseprettylittlepixels, sincerelyasimblr, bellesgrotto, raindropsandplumbobs

there’s more simblrs than this that I like but these ones are the simblrs that made me want to join and have been super sweet to me


Amari + Nia 


10 Things I like about myself + tag 10 blogs

Inspired by finnepicslice ☺️😘. So here I go…..

I’m am very confident
I’m Graphic Designer
I am Happy but my past is very dark
I have never truly been in love
I love my Afro
I love Fashion
I am Afrocentric
and I cuss like a sailor
I am…


I’m laughing because this gif is  going to every song I’m listening to right now