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what you said was very sweet and means a lot to me but i am incapable of properly responding in any way besides “thank you so much aaaah” because i do not know how to accurately express the exact level of my gratitude to where you completely understand how much what you said meant to me without me getting even more emotional and looking like a fucking nerd: an autobiography

Samee lol 

okay so I’m not going to make poses to go along with the apron + chef hat I used in this post 

but I want to put them up instead of just letting them go to waste in my game. 

so i’m just going to leave these here for any 1 who wants them.. I don’t have any previews except for the 1 from that post  sorry.. 

Alll credit goes to : 

freckledfemlock for the hat 

mkstudio684 for the apron 

Apron and chef hats for Toddlers and kids - Download 

Gift pack (3/3) 

For the last gift I bring you a edit of shmoopiesims​ baby carrier + poses

Okay now the poses are not 100% perfect, I would love if someone made more  ur really going to need omsp to move the toddler into place . I also placed the toddler on a 75%omsp resizer found here 

 the carriers look really weird in CAS: 

but in game they look fine 

poses are not pose list compatible , sorry 

I guess thats about it , please let me know if there are any issues 

All credit goes to shmoopiesims for the wonderful mesh 

Download ~

Gift pack 2/3 

I’ve gotten a lot of ask for the scooter and bike that I used in some of my pictures so I decided to put them up and throw in a skateboard for kids as well  ( did it for toddlers too but forgot all about it , I’ll release in the future ) 

not much to say about the objects , though you will need omsp  to get the poses just right (mainly the bike and skateboard pose) 

sorry I could not make it pose list compatible, mainly because everysince I updated pose player I can only type in codes so I would not be able to test it in pose list.  so ur going to have to type in the codes >.>

All Credit goes to : 

rukisims for the amazing skateboard accessory :3 

Rebecah for the adorable Kick scooter 

FeeEssen for the lovely toddler bike 

Thank you all for following me, hope you like 

Download (x)